Hello friends,

I am stuck with HTTP API, Anyone can provide me request format for the Predict the next action API? Also I would be thankful if you could me with an example.

What I am trying is:
curl localhost:5005/conversations/default/predict -d ‘{“text”:“hi”}’

But not getting the response i.e. it must return action to be “utter_greet” but response is like:
“confidence”: 0.1080135629,
“policy”: “policy_1_KerasPolicy”,
“scores”: [
“action”: “action_listen”,
“score”: 0.1080135629
“action”: “utter_happy”,
“score”: 0.1028758138
“action”: “utter_greet”,
“score”: 0.0988124162
},… }

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Hi @jainkrunal welcome to the community!

What do your stories look like? Because it seems like it’s predicting something, just not the correct thing

While using RASA Shell it’s working fine but, by using HTTP API it doesn’t seem working

Which version of Rasa are you using?


did the problem solved? I also working on the ways to get the response text by HTTP API, but it only give the NLU result . I want the response text.

You could use the Rest API, I didn’t find the way to get it going…