A place to share the feedback on the Rasa X

We have decided that we will no longer maintain or support Rasa X Community Edition. Learn more here: Changes to the Rasa X Community Edition (Free Version)

This weekend we deployed RasaX to our production environment!

In preparation we moved to Rasa v1.0.1 and moved the tracker store from Redis to an Oracle database.

Because we use Docker for our deployment we wrote a custom Dockerfile for rasa/rasa that includes the Oracle libraries, RasaX and the tracker store migration script (to create the sqlite database used by RasaX).

The installation / configuration went pretty well without any major issues.

It would be cool if we could specify the sender_id to impersonate when using the “share” option.

The enterprise edition looks more like what we need as we have a team (of two) who handles the training data … I will have to chat with the powers that be. :wink:

Thanks for this great product.

Regards, Johannes


@dadecoza Awesome work! You probably have already done this, since you are posting on this thread, but we would love to hear feedback from your entire team. If you or anyone else on your team has not filled out the form that can be found above or here, please help us make Rasa X even better by filling it out :slight_smile:

We have our weekly chatbot workshop tomorrow and I will make sure the team completes the survey. :+1:

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Thank you for making it possible sharing feedback this way!1

Still like Rasa and Rasa X and had just come to this channel of the community, when I saw the inquiry. Just in time :slightly_smiling_face: