Can't get response from rasa RASA_X_VERSION=0.28.6 RASA_VERSION=2.0.0

i have tried the latest rasa and rasa-x version ,the bot can not reply too


i installed the rasa-x with the docker-compose

Hey Felix,

Those two versions are not compatible, you can try two compatible versions from the matrix here:

I’ve been able to get it working locally on Mac using two newer versions from the compatibility matrix, however installation on Ubuntu server is still giving me issues, I have a thread here with some additional context:

Good luck!

v @ PTRKDY thank you. but i got the same issue,hope fix it in the future.

To get it working on docker-compose local (on mac) I updated the rabbit-mq version as pika was timing out, and also changed in endpoints.yml the tracker to be redis instead of the DB, and it started working for me (per the other thread) - but it got very messy once moving docker-compose to Ubuntu 18.0 LTS and off mac.

Hope that helps, otherwise if you find anything or figure out how to fix, would be very interested too thx