Introduce yourself!

(Lakshi Athapaththu) #183

Hi, I am Lakshi, Undergraduate from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. I am currently working on a Voice based Dialog Management System for a Local Language, based on Machine Learning and NLP as a research project. I heard of Rasa from my supervisor. I think Rasa is one of the best places to begin my implementation. Since I am willing to learn more on ML, NLP fields I decided to join with the Rasa Community Forum.

(Sachinkumar04428) #184

Hi I am Sachin. I recently started learning ML and NLP. Glad to join RASA. I would love to learn from you people. Thank you.

(Matteo) #185

Hi all, I am Matteo, a software engineer from Italy. The company where I’m working recently started to participate to projects based with ML and NLP. I would like to learn more about RASA stack. Thank you to all.

(Kevin Smith) #186

Hello all,

I’m Kevin a software engineer for Addiction Resource Systems looking to implement technology in an effort to beat addiction. Currently I’m looking to build prototypes of conversational ML and NLP to face real world issues. Looking forward to conversing with all of you.


(Vaibhavjainv) #187

Hey Everyone! My name is Vaibhav. I just started exploring AI & RASA. Finding it pretty interesting. I looked into starter pack and was able to follow the flow. What would be next steps to understand RASA better?

(Souvik Ghosh) #188

Hi Vaibhav,

Welcome to the community. You can look into Tutorials and resources - Rasa Community Forum for some cool resources and tutorials from various community members :slight_smile:

(Vaibhavjainv) #189


(Nandy Singh) #190

Hi, I’m Nandy have 15 years of overall industry experience, a Machine Learning practitioner from Noida, Delhi. Earlier working on IBM bots and now trying to switch to RASA opensource tools for building bots with context-aware dialogue handling.

Interested in ML and NLP. Looking forward to collaborating and contribute. I am also interested in getting opportunities where I can show my skills. Last but not least thanks for making such beautiful open source framework it can helps millions of users.

(Thomas Packer) #191

Hello Rasa community. I am a data scientist from Utah, USA with a PhD in computer science and a long-time interest in AI, NLP, ML, etc. Just starting to work on conversational AI with insurance and publishing industries in mind. I lived in Germany for a couple of years and would love to go back.

(Rubén Pérez) #192

Hello, RASA people! My name is Rubén and I am a researcher/linguist from Spain looking to grow some knowledge about this amazing tool :slight_smile: Nice to meet you all!