Introduce yourself!

(Soumya Muherjee) #62

@Rahul, anything is possible in technology. Only question is the approach that you would want to follow. To your questions, YES for first 2 questions, for the 3rd it is very easy to implement. To arrive at the answer for Q1 you can make a simple bot and understand the working of it, this will give you an idea

(Mahesh Patel) #63


I am Mahesh. I just found out about Rasa, And want to start playing with it.

Always in search of making something cool. And hopefully profitable.

Hope to learn from everyone here.

(Juste) #64

Very cool @mukherjeesoumya. Would love to know more about the platform you are developing as well as the bots you built using Rasa! We have a topic called Projects, would be cool if you could tell us more about it there :slight_smile:

(Vladimir Vlasov) #65

Hi, I’m Machine Learning Researcher/Engineer at Rasa. I work on new algorithms for Rasa Stack and also on the bots for our customers.

I’m based in Berlin, but also lived in a couple of other countries for some time.

(Juan Sebastián Sandino) #66

Hello Rasa Community, my name is Juan Sandino and I live in Colombia. I am the co-founder of which is a company building bots for customers. I learned about Rasa in a DataCamp podcast and also finished the course on Building Bots with Python. I am new to this world so I would appreciate any guidance. Thanks and hope to learn and also contribute to the community. I would like to build a Bot from scratch within the next 4 weeks!

(Soumya Muherjee) #67

Yeah coming soon…

(Wessam Gad El-Rab) #68

Hi, I’m Wessam, founder of, startup building a SaaS chatbot for the automotive sector. I’m based in Edmonton Canada.

(Atanu Kumar Das) #69

Hi All,I’m Atanu here from India.I have very keen interest in learning conversational AI. I am here to RASA asap.I would love to create a bot .

(Rahul Kumar) #70

Thanks Nikhil.

(Harshit Azilen) #71

Hi I am Harshit. I am a Project manager from India. My technical background is iOS development. I am beginner in the field of machine learning. I am currently building a Chatbot project using Rasa.

(Yogesh Kothiya) #72

Hello All,

I am the Community guy, Yogesh from India. Thanks for having me in this awesome community. I have 3.5 years of chip designing experience. Out of passion I quit it and kick-started my carrier in ML/AI mainly in Chatbot development because conversational AI is my only love. I am also the fitness enthusiast. In free time I read and get knowledge about exercise and nutrition. Also, I like dancing Salsa and meeting new people.

Would love to connect with you all.

Connect with me here.


(Christopher Celotto) #73

Hi everyone! My name is Chris Celotto, and I am a Customer Experience Strategist. I am passionate about AI Interaction Design and building conversational chatbots with Rasa.

I recently moved to Las Vegas and love it here. I enjoy spending time on the strip, playing cards, and learning how to cook.

(Adam) #74

Hi All,

My name is Adam. I am a Java Software Engineer and I am really interested in machine learning. I am currently learning a lot about the rasa stack. I think you guys have developed an awesome product and I can’t wait to learn more about it! Glad to be here :slight_smile:

(Luke Jordan) #75

Hello, I’m Luke, I run a non-profit tech organization in South Africa called Grassroot ( We’re developing a service for community activists, to integrate with WhatsApp, and we’re using the Rasa stack for it. We’ve got a fair amount on NLU and are now working on a Core implementation(s). I’m based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

(Brijeshlakkad) #76

I am from India and i m pursuing my under-graduation in Information Technology. I m working on NLP and I heard about Rasa from DataCamp where i was learning course named “Building chatbots in python”.

(Santos Hernandez) #77

Hello I’m Santos, I’m an entrepreneur, dApp developer for and I have been learning IPFS. I’ve been married for just under a year, love learning, watching movies/tv-shows, and helping people any way that I can. I heard about Rasa from Mahesh. I haven’t had a lot of experience with ML/Rasa yet but I am eager to learn. I see many opportunities this could be applied to as my previous background is in customer service, tech support, & sales.

(Saqib Ahmed) #78


I’m Saqib from Pakistan. I’m an ML engineer based in Lahore, Pakistan. We are currently working on hybrid chat solution for contact centers and support teams using rasa chatbot and our own routing engine.

I’m into geography, history, philosophy, and mathematics. I’m a wannabe globetrotter.

(John Loutzenhiser) #79

Howdy! John Loutzenhiser here. I am a machine learning consultant and software architect. My main client is the German government, mostly the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Commission). I am employed by the German software consultancy firm msg-systems. i have been using Rasa stack for about 8 months now. I am pursuing getting some projects going with my clients with rasa, will keep you posted on that. I am interested in creating bots that offer a fluid, natural and robust user experience, and am excited about the possibilities that CUIs open up for creating intelligent software we can really talk to!

(isman) #80

Hello, I am Isman from Tokyo. I have great interest in AI, and currently building home-grown AI machine as my “mid-life crisis” project. :slight_smile: I found RASA from web, and it looks very interesting and fun, and would like to investigate the possibility to integrate and use the NLU.

(Prakash Singh) #81

Hi I am Prakash Singh, working with IBM India as a Data Scientist. I have been working around Natural Language Processing for quite some time. Now a days I am trying to build a model that should be able to identify Sarcastic sentences. I am just looking forward where I can utilize RASA NLU to do that. I would appreciate any feedback from you guys. Thanks Prakash Singh