Introduce yourself!

(Muhammad Irfan) #82

Hi, I’m Irfan from Pakistan. I have a master degree in ML & AI. I have experience of building speech recognition system (Kaldi), NLP (SpaCy, Rasa NLU) apps and chatbot. Currently working on a chatbot exported from Dialogflow to Rasa core. The domain of chatbot is medication. Happy to contribute to Rasa.

(Soumya Muherjee) #83

Connect with me will help, using the Rasa stack is very easy.

(Andrew bauman) #84


I’m Andy from Seattle and I am a data scientist working on chat bots related to weight loss and disease prevention. We are implementing RASA NLU as part of a meal logging application (the meal logging application is already developed using cloud NLU and NLP services but we are using RASA NLU to enhance the product beyond what cloud services provide). I joined this forum because I really like using RASA NLU and also am hoping to get help implementing custom components (specifically a custom CRF).

(Cyrus) #85

Hi All,

My name is Cyrus, im from Singapore and currently a L2 support on a financial firm. I heard RASA from one of our intern and learn of its possibilities that can help my team on using chatbot. Im exited to see the changes that RASA can bring to my team.

(Jayant) #86

Hi All,

I am working on building FAQ chatbots using RASA and hoping to learn about chatbots from the community and contribute back to the framework :slight_smile:


(Juan Sebastián Sandino) #87

@mukherjeesoumya thanks for your reply. Where can I contact you? Best regards!

Juan Sandino

(Prasanth55555) #88

Hi am prasanth am working as a Program Analyst Trainee in an Organiztion…

I am new to rasa_nlu and am having a doubt i want to create an Intent with a entity that entity should capture dynamic values…(i.e. that can be anything) when i was deveeloping in alexa searchyQuery helped as like in Dialogflow sys.any helped in that issue is there any way i can build the entity with RASA_NLU if so please help me.

Thank you.

(Nikhil Bansal) #89

sys.any also works over large data set provided by dialogflow… You need to train your bot with the data set you would like your bot to extract from a sentence.

(Thomas Richter) #90


my Name is Thomas, I am a Full Stack nodejs developer from Cologne in Germany working for a logistics company. In my spare time I run together wir 2 friends the bots cologne meetup (all about voice user interfaces and bots). I have a background in cognitive social psychology and Cognitive Science. On my reading list is the book from Li Deng et al. “Deep Learning in Natural Language Processing” and some texts about mongodb.


(Serhiy) #91

Hi guys! Joining this great community:) I am using rasa-core in our company project and I wanna say I really anjoy working with RASA tools!! Guys you’re doing really great work!:slight_smile:

(Marco) #92

Hello everyone,

I’m Marco from Berlin and I’m thrilled to try out Rasa since I first saw it on one of the early Berlin Chatbot meetups and now I finally managed to start :see_no_evil:

Originally I’m a UX Designer but I’m building Bots and prototyping tools since almost five years now. So my background is a bit less techy and I see myself more as a babel fish between machines and end users. That’s why I have to admit that I had some real difficulties to get the whole stack running but now I’m fully into learning how to shape nice and understandable dialogues for the end users :muscle:t2:

(Juste) #93

Great to have you here @marcoka. I would be happy to hear your feedback on what we could improve on so that it would be easier to get started with Rasa :slight_smile:

(Marco) #94

sure, I’m always open to share my opinion on user experience stuff, but be aware I can talk hours about that :DD

Maybe I should attend one of your meetups in Berlin anytime soon, haven’t been there in a while. Or if you have any direct questions to a non-developer using rasa just contact me, I’m always happy to share feedback.

(Akela Drissner) #95

@marcoka we have one tomorrow, feel free to join :slight_smile:

(Vikas M R) #96

Hello , I am vikas from India/kerala. A computer science and engineering graduate and currently working as a Technical Architect. Responsible for evaluating various technologies for my company.We have a chat bot application based on google dialogue flow. we are evaluating RASA to replace dialogue flow

(Tom Metcalfe) #97

Hi guys!

I’m Tom Metcalfe - from England but currently living in Berlin. I joined the team at Rasa as a Machine Learning Engineer one week ago and have begun working on Github issues for Rasa NLU and Rasa Core.

As I have recently made the jump from Rasa-user to Rasa-engineer, I am more than happy to hear if you guys have any questions or problems about the software and I’ll be here to help out in the forum.

For now, keep doing what you’re doing! It’s great to have you guys here in the community. Talk soon.

(Joseph Goh) #98

Hi everyone ! Joseph here from Malaysia. I am currently working as a junior data scientist in a fintech startup in Singapore. Used to work for one of the big 4 banks in the UK and that was when I first exposed to chatbot application. Have always fascinated by how artificial intelligence can makes our life easier and simpler. I was first heard of Rasa from the DataCamp podcast and would like to get hands dirty with it !

I am still new to this field and would be great if anyone of you who’s experienced can share with me what’s the best way to get started ! :slight_smile:

(Rangarajan R) #99


This is Rangarajan from India working as Techical Lead in a reputed organization in India. In recent years there is shift towards Machine Learning and AI related things in our organization. I was exposed to these technology by that.

I am currently working towards a chatbot for our process inside our organisation.

Thank you.

(Rameshjesswani) #100

Hi, I am Ramesh doing Masters in Autonomous System from Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. Currently working as student assistant. Using Rasa to perform actions based on natural language sentence.

(Emmanuel Arize) #101

Hi Everyone I am Emmnuel a student studying machine learning and deep learning. Thanks to the rasa community I have started developing a chatbot with rasa for the company am working (as intern) with and I hope this community will help me with problems relating to rasa.