Introduce yourself!

Hello Everyone I’m Shrirama Kamath from India. I’m a student persuing BSc in Computer Science . I’m also doing a course on Artificial Intelligence with Python. And as my project I’m Building a conversational AI Bot using Rasa. If you are a experienced Bot Builder share some of your knowledge with me. Happy to join the forum!!

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Hi there, since it’s always interesting to know more about the people who uses a tool I will be sharing a little bit about myself.

I’m curretly working and studying as a software developer by and Archipel Academy. My study project is about creating a proof of concept of a personal learning assistence that will improve the learning experience within our LMS platforms.

Rasa has been a joy to work with so far. It’s incredibly designed. It’s not easy to learn about all the concepts on a detailed level in a short period of time, but after many iterations I’ve been able to find my way in it.

Thank you for your work on this and also making it open source. The barrier is low to get started with it. As a company we will probably consider using the Pro version and perhaps X to gain insight in the converations.


hello and welcome, my name is teem pade from india i am also new here.


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Hi all,

I am Aamer, a Technology for Development Specialist working on developing an interactive chatbot for our organization to support parents in taking care of their children. I have started using RASA recently and look forward to interacting with you all.


Hi, my name is Sujith Sukumaran ,an engineer in the ai services domain, who has extensive knowledge and 5 year project experience in machine learning. I have been a part of chatbot development projects that are associated with banking, travel, retail, and insurance.

Currently, working on a NLP project for a client. Hoping to find some lively conversation on NLP theories and practices here. Regards.


Hi everybody,

I`m Henry - Co-Founder of WeDataNation and we are starting our journey of using RASA to train a conversational bot that uses personal data to answer questions.

As our dev-team is quite busy and quite new to the field of rasa, we are actively screening for an additional developer, that is experienced in using rasa and would like to join our team.

For everyone interested don`t hesitate to contact me via linkedin →

All the best Henry

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Hey All,

I am Sid from India. I as a WordPress Developer because of my good understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP. I am happy about the job - no doubt about it. But of late, I feel it is getting me confined and I have a desire to learn.

I have been fascinated by the recent AI bubble and specially the kind of chat systems that exist these days. Luckily, I have some Python too in my skill set, though it has not been utilized much. I am excited to join here on the forum and I do hope to find knowledge that would help me move ahead with AI ChatBots.

Cheers. Sid.

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Hey there, I’m Hasnain, I’m working as a ML engineer in a fintech (crypto wallet) institution based in Australia. I’ve been working for 2 years as a ML and Backend (Python) engineer. I also worked in other fields like data engg. and image processing. I discovered RASA a month ago! My boss challenged me to implement the bot to automate fintech processes (Support and Transaction).

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Hello Alex. Nice to meet you. It is nice to have a co-founder in this community forum. It is always good to be in contact with people who are very close to the product, strategy and the team. Looking forward to your contributions. Take care and have a good time.

Hello Rasa Community. My name is Markus and I am currently in training to become accredited as a Peer Worker in the healthcare sector. This means I will work with people going through mental or physical health crisis or are dealing with other forms of hard times. During my studies and courses in classroom and online I found out, that the one essential part to become better in coaching sessions that is missing is the availability of training partners. This is the reason, why I decided to build a chatbot solution based on Rasa to fix this. I’m happy to be here and I’m looking forward to have a good exchange with many of you. Eager to learn and ready to help, whenever I can. Take care and I wish you all much fun and success with your projects and learning journey.

Hey everyone!

My name is Nicholas, I’m a Software Developer from Canada studying Network/Cloud Administration and Cyber Defence next year

I love to make IoT projects in my free time and recently discovered Rasa. My hopes are that I can integrate it into my Raspberry Pi-powered computer backpack as a personal assistant