Introduce yourself!

Hey, everyone. Everyone I know just call me Archie. I’m just your normal computer hobbyist. How did I get here? If you have a bit of time to read my story … here goes:

I was having a chat with Grog and had this fantasy of creating a chatbot to converse and/or help users on my Linux community. We laid out like 5 points with the last being the framework. Long story short, Rasa was suggested so here I am to learn and to figure out ways I can use the tech to help out.

Peace and much respect.

Hello from Kentucky, US. I’m Tasha, a graduate student in AI/ML and Strategic Communications. I’ve recently been thinking about what would be an ideal job that would bridge my two graduate majors nicely while still being interesting and engaging… and my pondering has led me to conversational chatbot design and development. This company and community was recommended, so I’m stopping by to say hello and introduce myself. I hope everyone’s studying and experimenting is going fantastic! What an amazing time in tech. Glad to be here.

My name is Bobby & nickname is Zero. I am wanting to help create a AI named Cipher meaning Zero. I am currently building rasa in Anaconda in windows.

I have aways dreamed about having a AI companion that can help me in my life’s journey. To me AI should be made to help uplift society as a whole & should be free for the benefit of man kind. My dreams of AI is eradicating poverty, bringing a end of suffering by spreading knowledge and empowerment for no matter racial, religious or Economic Classifications. My hope would be to have AI to open many doors by being able to help educate users on every topic from legal knowledge by databasing all legal knowledge for America and making legal activities accessible by everyone. I have very high hopes for AI in every field from health to your wildest imagination by having a AI that can train its self constantly building out it’s knowledge base. My ultimate dream is being part of a push in the USA for something new with advents of technology I hope we can leave the old ism’s like communism in the past to create a more perfect union by upgrading our representative Republic to a truer Democracy where all people count with no bias. A democracy where we are all are equal and the interest of a nation is that in its people.

I am sadly financially poor but I am hopeful for the future I am currently trying to get back into school to learn the it profession I don’t have many resources but I am willing to learn everyday. I don’t have the money to buy the Rasa X but I am hopeful that good people will win out, I am a individual with limited resources so I am on the hunt for trying to work with the crumbs we are left with in the open source communitys. I am hoping that it’s possible for me to try to reach for higher things even though I am coming from a disadvantaged position. I am 38 years of age and I have been living thinking I can never amount to anything I am reaching for the stars but it always seems there is something that stops me especially financially speaking everything seems to be behind a pay wall. I hear all the time people coming from nothing but those people I doubt have came from people similar to me where even getting 20$ can be a issue. I have 3 kids & I am also raising my nephew who lost both his mom and dad. I need to try to get my dream moving as I am only getting older coming from nothing. I have set the mind set to try and reach for my dreams it’s now or never.

What I create I want to be free, I want to create a foundational AI called cipher that will hopefully lead to further branches building AI’s from Cipher that will specialize in subjects I would then call One. Such as One Science, One legal, One Health ect. I need my AI to be able to help me by crawling the web for knowledge in specific knowledge & the ability to be able digest knowledge from books & other sources I can acquire for it. My AI needs the ability to learn from these sources of knowledge that it aquires. My base being Cipher (0) so it would be primarily learning about furthering it’s development my hope would be for it to aquire basic knowledge to add to its fundamentals that being to refine it’s self and to help even to help make it easier to code in to hopefully being able to program it’s self through simple text commications with Cipher AI hopefully built on the foundations from Rasa.

OK, with my dream I could go on forever I have it very thought out but I am starting from really realistic humble beginnings & I really need help to start making my dream real and sharable. So I am currently new to AI & coding but I have a good basic for computer knowledge. I made my first computer as a kid with acquired parts from a hand radio store. I basically grew up on the net & I even made a few websites using Dreamweaver php & mysql. I know windows pretty good but I just got back into the pc and windows 11 is still fresh to me. There is nothing I can’t accomplish if I set my goals right I just need good friends to help incurage my new found goals. I need a good community of friends that are able and willing to import knowledge that they have gained from school and or elsewhere that I am starting from scratch and just learning the ropes but I have high ambitions.

So in light of all this information please help me understand if my dream is a feasible one. Feel free to share your thoughts and impart any information I may need. Am I doing the right thing starting with Rasa? I can’t afford Rasa X sadly I am not doing this with corporate interests but rather a learning experience with the hope of being able to further the community in the future. We’ll thank you for taking the time in reading my Intro post feel free to welcome me and for those that can I could use mentors something that I never really had in life so if you don’t mind helping grow my new interest please let’s hook up here :sweat_smile:

Thanks, apologies for any typos.