Introduce yourself!


I’m Artem (Arty) from Russia. I graduated Bachelor in Computer Science. I work as ML engineer at Promobot. We build service robots for human robot interaction: museums, shops, robo-vendings, document assistants. I develop dialogue systems for different robot roles using ML tools. Now i am working on voice interface for robo-vending (you can google it as “Промобот вендинг”).

I love and passionate about Rasa cause it open sources tools, shares research ideas and thoughts. You solve big problems and teach me how do the same, i want to be like you and to grow together Conversational AI industry.

Also a love any kind of sport, playing ukulele, sing and meet with new people. I am also improving my English skills. I want to pass B2 Cambridge exams.

Have a good day!


I’m Greg Buechler and I am a Corporate Contract Recruiter (meaning I’m not part of an agency, temp firm, etc.) I’m currently working with a Boston area SW/SaaS company focused in the healthcare sector.

My background is in TA for tech companies, and I’ve been doing this for over 30 years. I’ll be spending my time in the careers forum. I have a role to post (once I get the OK from the moderators) and will be happy to respond regarding that role, or career questions in general. I’m quite easy to find on LI as well. g


Hi Rasa Community, I am co-founder of Jupiter AI Labs Inc. and it’s a joy to be here. I’d love to tell what brought us to the community and something we are hoping to learn or share. We work in chatbots and RASA has been a leader with top choice for our clients and we look forward to learn and grow with community. Feel free to connect anytime and ask for any contribution we would love to help


Hello! I am Rakesh. I’m studying for a master’s degree in Data Analytics. I like to explore new technology, and now I’m trying to learn how to use Rasa. I heard the first time about Rasa, in my ML class at my university. I want to use Rasa technology to build service chatbots that can be used in our day-to-day life.

Besides chatbots, I am also interested in Machine Learning and NLP topics. I hope that I can learn many new things from this forum.

Thank You,


Hi! I am Tommaso, physicist and data scientist. I am learning Rasa and looks amazing!

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helo! Karan from Malaysia! I am a pharmacist! Doing web scraping/ML projects at the side and now, focusing on chatbot development (with RASA, of course!)

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I was a systems analyst at NASA during the Apollo lunar missions, and later became a statistician doing clinical research at Emory University. Recently, I have been a data scientist using machine learning/deep learning models (especially NLP models), both as a head of data science for and now Alt Investing 2.0. Because I want to develop a conversational chatbot for Alts Investing, I looked at several options and at this point, want to use Rasa for that development.


Greetings from Finland. I am in the regional office spreading digital services. We are involved in The Public Link project (EU), where Rasa was recommended. We want to build an interior map guide with chat included.

I now have Rasa + Botfront installed on my desktop. Should start…

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Hi, my name is Nate. I am just about to start working with a Rasa product and I am absorbing as much information as possible prior as well as ensuring I am across all of the avenues to continue learning as I go :slightly_smiling_face:

I am excited to be working in this space!

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!Feliz día para todos! Me llamo José Aquino, trabajo como consultor técnico de ventas de productos relacionados con la automatización industrial, quiero desarrollar un Chatbot para mi empresa Neumática Aragua C.A., que pueda asesorar a mis clientes, esto será parte de mi trabajo de grado de Ingeniería de Sistemas de la Universidad Nacional Abierta (Venezuela), llegue a Rasa a través de investigaciones sobre el tema. Me gusta lo que he visto hasta ahora, quiero poder aprender sobre como utilizar esta herramienta y poder poner en practica lo aprendido.


Hi all,

I’m Vinay, a software engineer from Kerala, India. I am currently working on a Rasa chatbot that handles FAQ and business logic for the users of a CRM product we are currently building at our startup.

I am interested in open source software and have been using Rasa for the past 4 months. Before that I used to an automobile engineer, got interested in ML. I made a career switch and started as a full-time software engineer after dwelling into ML applications for a couple years.

I love learning new things and look forward to having meaningful discussions, great collaborations and a few contributions here in the Rasa community.

Have a good one! :dove:


I am Adriel, Systems Engineer student :slight_smile:

I’m using rasa for a college project


Hi everyone, I just learned about Rasa. I’m starting a personal project creating a virtual assistant with various functionalities which integrating ML.

I see it’s a new library.

I did 3 days of debugging to manage to install it! :upside_down_face:

But today finally I did it (with some warnings)

The videos on yt look helpful, I will start from there to understand the ecosystem.

My name is George.


hello, i am new here from india..



thank you for your help. Please can we connect in `linkedin

Muchas Gracias! Igual para ti.


Hi! I’m Andy, one of the co-founders and the CTO of Rasa.

Hi, This is Veera, Working at HKR Infotech. And I am Currently Working as a Content Writer.

And I will write All Software related Updates.