Integration of RASA to MongoDB with RASA CORE 0.9.6

Hello all, I’m trying to integrate RASA to MongoDB. I’m not able to understand the code shared in rasa docs. Can anyone please share step by step procedure to store conversation details to MongoDB? Anyways, I’m working with RASA 0.9.6 and I solely need a solution to work on this version only.

The introduction of tracker_store externalised to other DBs apart from Internal memory didn’t happen in such a version with the config endpoints. You wil have to add that manually If you are using python, you can pass this to the agent manually

tracker_store = RedisTrackerStore(domain, host=os.environ["REDIS_HOST"])
    endpoint = EndpointConfig(nlu_uri, token=None)
    interpreter = RasaNLUHttpInterpreter(
        project_name=nlu_project, endpoint=endpoint, model_name=nlu_model)
    tracker_store = tracker_store

    action_factory = action_factory
    _agent = [_create_agent(model_directory, interpreter,
                            action_factory, tracker_store)]

from one of my older projects.

Assuming in that version the Redis tracker store was still available or not. I don’t remember well. I think MongoDB tracker store was introduced in version 0.10

Thank you.