MongoDB database - saving chat history

My rasa version: 0.11.12.

I want to save chat history to mongodb, and I followed all the instructions. But it did not work out… Here’s what I did:

(1) set up endpoint.yml parameter tracker_store: store_type: mongod url: mongodb://localhost:27017 db: rasa collections: conversations

(2) start the mongodb instances: mongo.exe and mongod.exe

(3) executing rasa by employing this command in terminal: python -m --core models/dialogue --nlu models/current/nlu --endpoints endpoints.yml --credentials credentials.yml

Our team has decided to lock the version to rasa 0.11.12. We are very reluctant to update rasa_core because it will require months of work re-done since we have complicated customized slot actions and story. If we choose to update, there’s a risk that we might need to re-do them all.

Could anyone help us what to do next to make the chat history saved to the database?

Thank you

That version of Core doesn’t support the tracker store configuration through the endpoints yml. Make sure to use the documentation for the version you installed.

There are two options:

  1. update to the latest release - happy to help out here with any advice you need or guidance you need. If you want me to take a look at the project and estimate what needs changing: happy to do that if that helps to make the transition easier for you.
  2. write your a custom run script where you instantiate the tracker store yourself instead of relying on the provided one.