How to create mongodb tracker in my bot?

Hi this is Murugan , i struggling mongodb tracker , i want to store the conversation in my localhost mongodb , i found the documents in rasa’s page . i created endpoints.yml file , then how could i add into my core agent , and how could i run in my terminal, below code lines are my

interpreter = NaturalLanguageInterpreter.create(‘models/nlu/default/current’)

endpoint = EndpointConfig(‘http://localhost:5055/webhook’)

agent = Agent.load(‘models/dialogue’, interpreter=interpreter, action_endpoint = endpoint)

Note: i install RASA NLU and RASA core seperate , not in RASA full package …

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Hi @murugan,

are you using rasa_core or rasa? The load function has a field tracker_store where you can pass in a MongoTrackerStore instance.

Alternatively you can run rasa using rasa run + configuring the mongo tracker store in your endpoints.yml.

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Thanks for your reply , its working now , using from rasa_core.tracker_store import MongoTrackerStore

Great it works :tada: Maybe consider changing to rasa, since rasa_core was deprecated half a year ago.

hi @murugan

yes @sudo-ranjith

where are you from bro?

Tamilnadu, Pondicherry

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