Integrating Rasa with Zendesk Chat

We’re currently in the infant stages of building a live chat program to support our customers (DTC business, ~ 25k-30k tickets/month). We’ll probably use Zendesk Chat given our support team’s dependency on ZD’s suite of products (Support, Guide, mainly). We’ve developed the backend for our chatbot using Rasa, but haven’t shipped it yet. There remains some work to develop actions APIs and the frontend UI. But we’re considering building the live chat program in parallel and then integrating live chat into the Rasa experience before going live with both.

I see there are a few threads discussing Zendesk Chat (along with mentions of hiccups in implementing it with Rasa/Rasa X). But has anyone completed a project like this lately? I’d love to consult with you.

The helpdesk-assistant is worth a look. It has a working example with the ServiceNow API.

It also has a handoff feature that switches between two Rasa bots which will give you some ideas on switching between live agent and bot.

thank you, mate. I’ve seen the helpdesk-assistant - hopefully we can make use of it.