Integrating push notifications to web app

Hi I am planning to deploya chatbot to a website. The chatbot is a reminder bot which basically will first intake an event and date/time from the user and will send a push notification from the internet browser when the user has to be reminded.

I would like send the reminder with a push notification using OneSignal. Would that be possible? If not, how could I accomplish this task? I know I have to include ReminderScheduled from events to do this.

Please any help would be appreciated!

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I see you have the problem figured out already!

You use ReminderScheduled in a custom action in response to a user message, which only will trigger an intent, which will, in turn, trigger either a response or a custom action. That custom action will then send a message using dispatcher.utter_message(), which you will retreive in your website.

Thanks for the explanation @ChrisRahme. Another question, if the web app/chat bot is closed then the reminder will not be sent unless the user has the chatbot window opened? If that’s, the case should I consider another channel like Twilio?

Would I be able to send reminder message through Twilio via the chatbot or do I have to request the users phone number and then send a seperate sms reminder via Twilio? Thanks again!!

Yes, the window should be opened, otherwise, there would be no connection to the chatbot, or any other script running on the website, since it is closed.

But, it can be opened in the background. I’m assuming your primary target is mobile. You probably can find a way to send push notifications from the browser on mobile.

@ChrisRahme yes my target is mobile. Would I have to write a custom action in to do this? Or would this issue be separate from the chatbot?

You mean push notifications? If yes, that’s surely not done from the chatbot, you can read about it here.

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Thanks for the help!

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