Notifications, Reminders, Broadcasts

Are there any tutorials on how to initiate the conversation from within the Rasa chatbot, and send the first message to the user? Depending on which other system you are familiar with, this could also be called notifications, reminders, broadcasting or something else.

I realise I have the power of Python to do this, but I am asking if there are any best practices, pitfalls, frameworks, 3rd party services or something else I should consider?


Some messaging platforms let you do this out of the box, e.g. Facebook or Telegram. If you’re not using those, then you should just mock the user sending the first message when they open the chat window

Let say, the bot is integrated on facebook messanger and it is supposed to send a reminder to individual user who have subscribed to it daily.

For example: I have subscribed / added the FB bot called demo to send me a note everyday at 6AM in the motning.

How can we achieve this in Rasa and for each individual as well?

Do we need to have a database to store these preferences at our end?

Looking forward for your reply!



For reminders, you can use the ReminderScheduled event once the user has chatted to the bot for the first time

I know that I can use the ReminderScheduled event for reminders. I need to add a trigger_date_time to determine the date when it should remind the user. So how can I set up a daily reminder that it reminds the user daily and not only once at the trigger_date_time which was set up before.

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