Integrating Custom Chatbot with Chatroom

Hi I am trying to use the GitHub - scalableminds/chatroom: React-based Chatroom Component for Rasa Stack to make a UI for my chatbot. I made an html file like mentioned and also ran the commands python -m rasa run --m ./models --endpoints endpoints.yml --port 5005 -vv --enable-api

and python -m http.server 8000 on two different terminals. U

however the bot doesn’t respond according to my trained chatbot model as shown above . Do I need to add another file or something in credentials.yml?

Currently my credentials.yml looks like this cred

Hi, your credentials.yml looks fine.

It might be possible that the component doesn’t work anymore. In the Readme it says “Compatible Rasa Core Versions: 1.0” and the last update to the repository has been in February. We are currently at Rasa Open Source 1.10.

When you send a message in the UI, what log output do you get in the terminal where you executed python -m rasa run --m ./models --endpoints endpoints.yml --port 5005 -vv --enable-api? The debug output there might give you a hint about what’s going wrong.

I do not get any error message in that but yeah maybe its the versions. I have decided to not continue with it for the meanwhile. Thank you for your help though :slight_smile: