Error while integrating the Chatroom UI with Rasa chatbot

I got the below error when integrating the Chatroom UI with Rasa. The UI is loading and when i try to send a message to the bot it didn’t give the response and faild showing the following error on terminal. I followed the exact same steps described there![InkedCapture_LI|690x146](upload://4ILRmy8T46rarKn7xeSZ6jxKgGM.jpeg)

Hi @Navjan, i recommend you ask this question in the connector repository: GitHub - scalableminds/chatroom: React-based Chatroom Component for Rasa Stack

It seems that is is making an OPTIONS request instead of a POST request, although from a quick look into their React code I am not sure why: chatroom/ConnectedChatroom.js at 1fda5e9e4022c95f57bfe03f12d36b7917a4ee4a · scalableminds/chatroom · GitHub