Connection Channel to Teams

Hi All i’m connecting rasa to teams which is used within our company. please correct me if my plan is wrong:

  1. apply “Bot Channels Registration” with bussiness subscription and configure webhook to endpoint
  2. register my chatbot in “app registeration” under our company directory in Azure
  3. use app id and password in credential.yml I’m not farmiliar with Azure, as i go with above flow, i met below issue:
  4. how does app and “bot channel” connect?
  5. when i was applying “bot channel registration”, i got error of “AAD App creation failed, please check your aad permission”, i turn to apply permission in my company’s request link, but they ask me to input some SSO URL, i didn’t get why i need sso information here. As my understanding, anyone under my company’s directory can talk to my chatbot and this should authorized by Azure.
  6. If everything is done, how can find my chatbot? with App display name or bot handle? Thanks in advanced.

hi @linyisen, do you have any updated info since you posted? I agree with your assessment on 5, you should just need to add the standard webhook URL inside the app because to access it they’ll already need to be logged in via SSO to Teams. I would check with your admins about this behavior.