Installing RasaX Getting Some Error

Hi , Good morning!

I want to install RasaX on window 10 but while installing i am getting

some error could you please help me to solve this error . I am having Version of :-1:

Rasa Version     : 2.4.3
Rasa SDK Version : 2.8.4
Rasa X Version   : None
Python Version   : 3.7.4
Operating System : Windows-10
Pip Version :21.3

I have used command :

  1. Created Virtual Environment on Anaconda Prompt used conda create -n chatbot1 python=3.7.4
  2. Activate Virtual Environment used conda activate chatbot1
  3. For installing RasaX used pip install rasa-x --extra-index-url and pip install rasa-x --extra-index-url --use-deprecated=legacy-resolver

and it has taken more than 24hours and getting error , I have attached the error snapshot.

Thanks in advance

Your commands have a bad character and bad syntax. Use this:

pip install rasa-x --extra-index-url

Yes sir, Followed same command

@PayalAtre do check this thread and all your issue will be sorted: Rasa X runs with several Errors & Warnings - #7 by vio_lovis

If you have some issue, do let me tag @ nik202. Good Luck!

Ah okay maybe it was some formatting issue on the forum.

Anyway, your Rasa version are Rasa SDK version are not the same. Either upgrade Rasa to 2.8.x or downgrade Rasa SDK to 2.4.

Furthermore, install Rasa X according to the Compatibility Matrix.

You can do all that in one command (choose the one you want according to versions):

pip install rasa==2.8.14 rasa-sdk==2.8.3 rasa-x==0.42.6 -i
pip install rasa==2.4.3 rasa-sdk==2.4.0 rasa-x==0.38.0 -i

No need to reinstall everything as suggested by Nik (yet?) unless it doesn’t bother you.

@ChrisRahme i have used the command and then getting some error pip install rasa==2.8.14 rasa-sdk==2.8.3 rasa-x==0.42.6 -i Simple Index

While using below command getting same error which i have attached snapshot

  1. pip install rasa-x==0.39.3 --extra-index-url

@PayalAtre I guess you have not seen the mentioned thread in detail? Can I request you again that please see the thread in a detailed manner? Rasa X runs with several Errors & Warnings - #3 by vio_lovis

It’s exactly the same issue and the solution is also mentioned.

Do try the Chris suggestion first, and I’d recommend starting a fresh one.

@PayalAtre confirm with me have seen some video tutorials whilst installing rasa open source?

Good Luck!

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Yes i have taken help of tutorials.

@PayalAtre I know that tutorial, never follow that again please. Just follow the simple steps which I shared and you will be able to run rasa x, are you trying to install on local machine or planning to install also on server side?

I am installing on local machine .

@PayalAtre ok.