Installing rasa -x on windows 10

While running rasa -x I am getting this sqlalchemy error and according to one of the solutions in the forums I did downgrade sqlalchemy to 1.3.22 and later I am getting timeout error. With .db files and without .db files I am getting the same timeout error. Please can you help me with solving this issue. tried with python 3.8, 3.6 as well.

@syednoormujassum Try this

pip install SQLAlchemy==1.3.22

I am sure, still it will throw errors. If yes do mention me.

I already did that and thats when I am getting run time error.

@syednoormujassum I know, now downgrade to rasa-x 0.39.3 and solve the errors.Current, version having issues on Windows 10.

can you share me the code for installing specific version of rasa-x on local machine


pip install rasa-x==0.39.3 --extra-index-url

Sure will try and update you. Thanks.

@syednoormujassum are you able to solve this?

@syednoormujassum ohh…what happen? please close this topic with the solution for other please :slight_smile: