Installing Rasa_core on anaconda windows

I also had several issues in getting the environment set up in my windows machine whereas Ubuntu was done with very minimum issues. A few suggestions based on my experience:

  1. Use a separate conda environment ($ conda create --name bots_py36 python=3.6)
  2. Download the requirements.txt from GitHub (
  3. Try pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. If any of the packages failed to install, try them individually (I had to do this as the Twisted was failing several times)
  5. If pip fails for an individual package, try conda install (I did this for Twisted)
  6. Get spacy installed using pip or conda (There is a weird minimum version requirement conflict with numpy. I currently have 1.14.5)
  7. Optional - Download English lang from spacy using python -m spacy download en
  8. I also faced issues with C++ libraries (cl.exe). However, after updating the Visual Studio installation in my machine to support C++, it was ok
  9. Tip - Several times, I used git bash to execute commands rather than CMD when faced with issues. And, for some reason, I got it working.