After Anaconda installation I am unable to grasp from where to start and execute all pip command

Installed Anaconda,VC++ Compiler and created a folder “chatbot” in desktop for my project.Now I am tring to install Rasa,sapcy but not able to follow where to execute pip commmand.Is it Anaconda prompt or command prompt.And what should be the location where we should execute it. please guide me as I am completely new to this framework.

If you installed anaconda, I guess you want to install rasa and spacy within the conda environment. So the first thing you need to do is, load the conda environment you created (see Getting started with conda — conda 4.7.5.post22+aeb5e876 documentation). Once you are inside your environment, you can just install rasa and spacy. You don’t need to be in a specific directory for that.

@Tanja I am using anaconda prompt and only thing I did is installed spacy and rasa nlu successfully while I am in my “chatbot” directory.Will this create issue in my further project. Please let me Know as I am completely new to all these framework and libraries.

If you created a new environment for your chatbot and installed spacy and rasa in there you should be fine. However, I would recommend reading some tutorial/blog post about environments in python if you are new to the topic, such as Hope that helps.