Installation difficulty getting Rasa X up

Hiya. Decided to make a bot and was directed to RasaX as the best free option. Got Rasa installed and am able to get a small response on the command line. However getting Rasa x seems nearly impossible. It does not like Python 3.93. I used this command lines to do the instaall : pip install --no-user rasa-x --extra-index-url Simple Index and it gave a whole list of errors at the end and apparantly aborted the install . The error message provided another install link : pip install --no-user rasa-x -i Simple Index which I tried also to no avail. Im really out of my element at this point and would appreciate any help provided, even if Im directed to create some other bot seeing here that rasax is depreciated maybe it is un usable. Either way thanks ahead of time.

Oh yea windows 10 and pip 23.1


Here are a few alternative options you can consider:

Rasa Open Source with Rasa Action Server: You can continue using Rasa Open Source to develop your chatbot and run it using the Rasa Command Line Interface (CLI). Additionally, you can set up a separate Rasa Action Server to handle custom actions. This approach provides flexibility and control over your bot’s behavior. You can find detailed information in the Rasa documentation.

Rasa X on Docker: Another way to use Rasa X is by running it as a Docker container. Docker provides a consistent environment that isolates Rasa X and its dependencies, making installation and setup easier. You can follow the instructions in the Rasa X documentation to install and run Rasa X using Docker.

Rasa X via Rasa Cloud: Rasa offers a cloud-based platform called Rasa Cloud, which includes Rasa X as part of its features. With Rasa Cloud, you can host, train, and deploy your chatbot in a managed environment. This option simplifies the deployment process and provides additional functionality for team collaboration and model management. You can find more details on the Rasa Cloud website.

These alternatives should help you continue building and managing your chatbot effectively.