Importing Training Data

I have a detailed Question and Answer file which I would like to train my model with. It has around 1500 dialogue exchanges (json format).

To train my model, I need to classify the intents and entities from these dialogue exchanges so that I can populate my and domain.yml files

So do I have to manually classify the intents and entities? It will take forever. Was wondering if there is any Rasa feature I could use for this.

Hey @sanjay1983, check out this blog :slight_smile: Customize how Rasa imports training data | The Rasa Blog | Rasa

Hey, thanks for the link, but it’s not really what I’m looking for. I want to populate my,, domain.yml files automatically with intents and entities from my dialogue conversation file (ChatBot/bank_faqs.json at master · AdityaRandive/ChatBot · GitHub)

How would I automate this?

Would appreciate an early response, this is kind of urgent. Thanks!

Hi @sanjay1983, I checked ur faq.json file, what I know is there’s no method through which you can integrate the data which you have shown. What I can suggest is that you can write a script which can convert your data in rasa format