Can Rasa load a normal text file and construct its training data itself

Hi there

I’m looking to build a chatbot for a University and I’m wondering if I can just import a few University documents and that chatbot will just work.

Is there just a programming function where I just import a text file then rasa can convert the data to structured training data itself?

If no, do I need to code in all the possible intents, entities word by word myself?

Is it realistic to say that I can build a chatbot for a University in a week by just importing text file or 6 months where I need to code in every single response myself?

Is there other chatbot that has this import file function?

If there is such a file importing function, can you tell me the rough steps to implement the chatbot?

Andrew :slight_smile:

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Hi @2133861w,

to train the models of our bot you need labeled data. You need to teach the bot what it should recognize and how to handle certain input messages. Providing plain txt files will not help. In order to train a chatbot you need to provide two different training data files: (1) NLU data (Training Data Format) and (2) Stories. Depending on the complexity of your bot you need just a few examples or much more. Just try it out.

If you want to use the txt file format, you might want to write your own Training Data Importers.

For getting a first overview of how the bot actually works, take a look at Rasa Tutorial.

hi Andrew, I’m tufail. a postgraduate student. I’m currently working on my project which is almost the same as yours in approach. i need to build a chatbot that will act as a client and for that, there’s a text file, I want to use the sentences from that text file to train my chatbot and also want the chatbot to answer the user from that file accordingly.