Importing conversation logs without annotations to kick off intent training

Hello! I had a good look around but cannot find a simple starting recipe for importing conversation data from an external chat log into a form that could be used to start training Rasa (intents to start with). I extracted lengthy chat logs from Zendesk and would like to incrementally build a chatbot from that. I basically have dialog turns but largely without annotations and want to start by defining a few intents, feed some logs in programmatically (instead of having to type them in) and start an annotate/train loop. Anyone have useful starting points for this type of workflow ? Many thanks!

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No takers ? I’ve been experimenting so will share useful snippets, but in general I was after experiences people may have had using Rasa X to bootstrap training NLU and dialog flow. Feeding in existing chat transcripts instead of manual input ?

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Hi @randomsven,

Any update on that. We have almost same situation (a big set of chat logs) and looking for to create a basic bot first and then use the bot to annotate the rest of logs! Have you found any solution? Thanks, AV