ImportError: cannot import name 'style_from_dict' for RASA interactive learning.Incompatible prompt-toolkit version

I am trying to train the flow of dialog using interactive learning in Rasa core using Jupyter notebook.

code snippet:

import logging

from rasa_core import utils, train
from import interactive

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

def train_agent():
    return train.train_dialogue_model(domain_file="domain.yml",

if __name__ == '__main__':
    agent = train_agent()"This example does not include NLU data."
                "Please specify the desired intent with a preceding '/', e.g."
                "'/greet' .")

Initially, I was getting a “Token not found” error pointing to “from prompt_toolkit.token import Token”

I downgraded to prompt-toolkit-1.0.14 and tried running the code.

Getting ImportError: cannot import name ‘style_from_dict’

I feel there is a version incompatibility for prompt_toolkit in rasa_core and Ipython. Currently using Rasa_core == 0.12.3 and ipython 7.2.0.

Do i need to downgrade ipython? Please suggest.

The error was resolved after downgrading to ipython 6.0.0.