Cannot import name 'online' from ''

Code: from import online

I am getting a following error: cannot import name ‘online’ from '’

Can someone please help me fix the issue?

What rasa version do you use?

I am using the latest version. However, how can I find exactly what version I am using? Im using Jupyter Notebook.

You can get the current rasa version with rasa.__version__.

If you are using the latest version, you should use rasa.core instead of rasa_core.

There is no online in What are you trying to achieve?

Hi Tanja, thank you for such a quick response. My rasa version is 0.15.1 I am trying to create for interactive training purpose. Here I am unable to run following command

  1. from import online

Error: cannot import name ‘online’ from '’

Can you please help me understand what’s going wrong?

Sorry, for the late reply. I’m not sure if we have something like ‘online’ at all. Maybe you want to use


from import online

Replace by this

from import interactive

hope it help: