I want to create custom actions in rasa core

Hello friends, I am trying to build a weather chatbot using Rasa Stack framework. I want to use custom actions in rasa core which calls weather-api and returns response to the rasa core. My custom action is written in python, As per documentation rasa_core_sdk . I installed rasa_core_sdk on my computer. I created endpoints.yml file. I did not understand what should I get in endpoints.yml file. what is the action that I need to include in my domain.yml?

My action name is action_get_weather. I added that in actions list in domain.yml file. Can someone help me what should I do next?. please find my training data file, configuration file, domain file, stories file, action file and endpoints file.

domain.yml (556 Bytes) endpoints.yml (45 Bytes) nlu_config.yml (44 Bytes) nlu_data.md (575 Bytes) stories.md (226 Bytes) weather.py (1.0 KB)

I am following with interest! :sunglasses:

@linediconsine I am waiting for someone to respond.

Follow this Video tutorial. You will get a good idea how to do that. That is quite easy:

Thank you @neeraj26jan. I will go through it.