Not able to call custom actions

Hi all, I’ve done exact same things mentioned in rasa github examples, mapped all the versions and tried all the commands but not able to call my custom actions. I’m attaching my files. Please help me. (1.3 KB) domain.yml (650 Bytes) (468 Bytes)

Hi Vaishnavi Rai,

are you running the rasa action server? (The command is rasa run actions) Also make sure that all your files either have the default names (such as endpoints.yml) or that you are passing the names as arguments.

Hi Vaishnavi,

There are some things missing in your files. You need to create an action to be executed after the intent is predicted. In your file, you should have something like return "action_location" instead of return "utter_ask_location". utter_(smth) is usually used as the bot responses. This action_location needs to be also included in the domain.yml.

In your stories file you need to add all the possible paths, like:

## happy path action_location
* inform
  - action_location

You are also missing the most important thing for the NLU to work, which is the input examples in your file. You need to add data to all your intents.

## intent:inform
- can you tell me the weather?
- please inform me the weather
- can you please tell me the weather in [Bengaluru](location)
- can you give me the temperature in [Bengaluru](location)
- please, i need the temperature in [Bengaluru](location)
- whats the temperature in [Bengaluru](location)

Don’t forget to include in your actions endpoint url in endpoints.yml and run the server with rasa run actions

You can find all these informations in the docs.

Thanks @imLew and @BrunoRoth95 … it’s working now. I was not doing anything in file… I’ve added the data and now its working.