Custome action with weather api code

Hi i want to write custom action for weather api how can write api url: api key : 062863cfebd4ad1479b484ce0dbfd228

intents like: what is the weather in london

hey @sunilskn, check this out:

hey @sunilskn, you can do like this , just replace the url and parse the data , must be working

from rasa_sdk import Action

from import SlotSet

import requests

import json

class ActionCheckWeather(Action):

def name(self):
    return "action_check_api"

def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
    response = requests.get("")
    jsonResponse = response.json()
    title = jsonResponse["title"]
    id = jsonResponse["id"]

    messageToUser = "The user id is {} and title is {} And this coming from an api call".format(id, title)

    return []