Error in calling custom actions

Hello friends, I am creating a ChatBot which gives us information about the weather. I am trying to call custom action which returns a weather to the user. name of my custom action is action_get_weather. I defined it in actions list in domain.yml file. and also created endpoints.yml file and configured my custom action in it. But when I try to call it in my story I am facing an issue. Can someone help me in getting this solved.

Please find screenshot of my error,

I attached training data, configuration files for reference.

domain.yml (556 Bytes) endpoints.yml (47 Bytes) nlu_config.yml (44 Bytes) (575 Bytes) (226 Bytes)

Thank you.

Hey you have to give a url in your endpoint file!


  url: "http://localhost:5055/webhook"

This is the endpoint file content! try this

okay Akshit. Thank you