I clear the inbox, then quit rasa x, then run rasa x, and the inbox is full again

I clear the “inbox”, then I quit the rasa x server, then I rerun the rasa x server, and the inbox is full again with the exact same entries (as if I didn’t mark anything).

Am I doing something wrong?

How quickly after cleaning the inbox do you shut down the Rasa X server? It could in my opinion be that the changes are not yet persisted to the database.


I started everything over, this time with “latest” version of everything. and still the inbox keeps filling up with stuff that I had already annotated… I am not shutting down the server at all after cleaning the inbox.


I also had this issue, it was actually due to my rasa x install essentially being broken, due to VCS (ie. github) integration being broken, which pretty much borked any interactions I was having on the UI.

You could print the logs to the the rasa x pod with:

Screenshot 2021-02-01 at 00.25.55

If you see a yaml parse error related to a github action workflow you have, then I’m also seeing the same thing, with no fix as of yet, as actually specifying the rasa open source version as an env var is ignored.

Hello Thank you for the detailed response. I am actually not using kubernetes, I am manually installing using docker-compose, so I don’t really know how to apply your solution in my case

ah - fair enough. You should still be able to find logs of the container, either directly by dropping into a shell or via:

$ docker logs <container_name>

Find the container name via:

$ docker ps