I am unable to install "rasa-webchat" using "npm" in my React Project

Can someone help me or tell me what is the issue?

yes, it does not work for me either. it seems in the transition period. There is a blog summarizing the status of rasa chat widgets.

I have tried downgrading my React version to somewhat close to 16.x.x and also I downgraded my Node to 14.x.x as well and using these both I created a react-project and then did the “npm i rasa-webchat” and It installed it perfectly, I am using the Chatbot Component currently.
But I am facing issue with NGROK now, because I want others access my chatbot via my local machine on which my react app is deployed … but I cannot configure the ngrok correctly … can you help me regarding this ? if you have used ngrok and deployed rasa + UI widget that can be accessable to other people globally ?