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Version: 5cb4c3d-CC


I am researching to build a Customer Service bot. So far, everything Rasa is offering matched what I needed.

However, there is a usecase I am wondering if it’s possible in Rasa X.

For example, when user asks something and the bot cannot answer, the bot may tell users to wait for CS Staff to answer. After that, the human will come in and chat to the users directly through the chat interface. Is there a way to simply implement this?

I am sorry if the question is in the wrong place.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Hi @thanhn08, welcome to the Forum!

Yes, this is definitely possible. For example, you could use a fallback policy and a custom action for human handoff. See, e.g., Open source Two Stage Fallback Policy with Rasa NLU and Rasa Core and Actions and How a human handoff is done in rasa or rasa x)


hi @j.mosig

Thank you so much for the answer. However, how can I use custom action in RasaX? is it possible as i cannot find it being mentioned in RasaX docs?

If you work on your local machine, you just implement your custom action in the script of your project and add the corresponding name to your domain file. Rasa X does not need any configuration, since Rasa X is just the UI, using Rasa in the background. You’ll have to run the action server in the background through, using rasa run actions, and you have to uncomment the action endpoint in endpoints.yml. See Actions for details.

If you are on a server and install Rasa X using Docker, then you have to make sure to add the action server to the container and upload your script manually. See Deploy to a Server for details.