How a human handoff is done in rasa or rasa x

Is it possible to implement a human handoff if the bot is unable to answer the customer the human handoff is done

Hello @sam123, welcome to the forum! Yes, this is possible with custom actions, see Actions. Check out Guiding Users

In user guide its written to human handover

"The direct request to speak with a human can be handled using the mapping policy:

intents: ** - request_human: {“triggers”: “action_human_handoff”}**"

but this is not working.

Did you add the mapping policy to your config.yml file?

Actually i added the mapping policy to the domain.yml file and in config.yml file i added TwoStageFallbackPolicy. Then i got the error action_human_handoff is not defined. Whether we have had the custom action action_human_handoff or which mapping policy to be added to the config.yml file.

Yes, you will have to define the action_human_handoff as a custom action (see Actions). How exactly you implement the handoff is your choice.

how to define the action_human_handoff

Here is an example: rasa-handoff/ at fa66c4f802d6edb1fb91bd59ab65dea4a736a40e · moaazsidat/rasa-handoff · GitHub I haven’t tested this myself, though.


i got this error

AttributeError: ‘Tracker’ object has no attribute ‘update’