How would I get action probabilities?

I am looking to find a way to see the potential action probabilities similar to the way you can see intent probabilities through tracker.latest_message[‘intent_ranking’]. Is this possible?

I also noticed this value next_action in this documentation Actions but how can I access the value. I tried self.next_action and many other versions but all come back with an error. What is the proper method to access this ‘next_action’ value from the Rasa server?

Thanks in advance, Natalie

Make sure you read the Policies page if you haven’t already. The next_action you linked to is the json that is sent to the action server.

The tracker will show the action that was selected so this would be the event to search for on access the any past actions.

"event": "action",
"timestamp": 1629171824.4370716,
"name": "utter_faq",
"policy": "policy_1_RulePolicy",
"confidence": 1.0,
"action_text": null,
"hide_rule_turn": true

Unfortunately, the --debug output is the only way I know to see the predictions for each policy.

You may want to look at customizing the policy PolicyPredictionEnsemble class.