Where to find exhaustive documentation about Action Request Format

I am reading the section Execute Actions in other Code => Execute Actions in other Code, here. It says that “this request contains the next action as well as a lot of information about the conversation”:

  • next_action
  • sender_id
  • tracker
  • domain

I am processing this request on a separate server by parsing the JSON request and converting it into a hash. But the problem is that the documentation provides only a single example of a request as well as a response. For example, assume that a user enters some input and them an action is run on my server. It is not clear to me from the example how can I extract the input string. My guess is that it should be accessed through the tracker key, but what the subkeys should I access? I think talking to the bot and examining every post is not a reasonable solution.

Does anyone know where is the JSON format (which key, what values it may take, their types) of the request and response is well-documented?

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