Looking for next actions candidate of TED policy

Hello everyone,

I am looking to get next actions candidate predicted by TED Policy (or atleast few of them) in the tracker called with API. I am currently getting only one, the one with the highest score and i would like to get the others even if their confidence is low.

You can see this in the logs for the rasa server; what would you like to do with the info? Is it for debugging or something else?

it would be to use these actions in a reinforcement learning episode.

Hi, Are you talking about the log file created with the argument --log-file? I don’t get any information of the conversation inside.

My bad, you’re right nothing except the highest confidence one would be logged. This is not possible because of the way the code is written here - only the highest confidence prediction is kept.

I think you could create a custom policy subclassing TEDPolicy and modify the predict_action_probabilities method to get hold of them if you want.