Probability of next action in rasa core for sequence prediction always coming 1

(Surya Prakash Sahu) #1

Rasa Core version:
rasa-core (0.10.4) rasa-nlu (not used)

Python version: 2.7.12

Operating system (windows, osx, …): Linux

Issue: I am using memoization and keras policy. Next action is predicted with memoization if the current action is there in training file and with keras policy if the current action is not found with exact match. My stories have no checkpoint and max history is set to 1, keras policy is using MaxHistoryTrackerFeaturizer.

I am always getting probability =1 for the prediction with small number(3) stories, with augmentation factor = 50 and epoch=100. When So I tried with epoch=50 and no change in augmentation factor which worked fine. But now with more(6-8) stories and augmentation factor = 50 and epoch= 50/100, I am again getting probability 1 in prediction. I tried with all combination of augmentation factor =[0, 20, 50] and epoch=[10, 20, 50, 100].

With requests with little change from story file gives probability=1 with keras policy.

Content of domain file (if used & relevant):

In domain file, all the slots are of type 'bool’
Stories format

## story_1
* intent_A
- action_A
- slot{key1 :val1, key2: val2}
* inform({key1 :val1, key2: val2})
- action_B
- slot{key3 :val3, key4: val4}
* inform({key3 :val3, key4: val4})
- action_C
- slot{key4 :val4, key5: val5}
* inform({key4 :val4, key5: val5})
- action_D
- slot{key6 :val6, key7: val7}
* inform({key6 :val6, key7: val7})
- action_E.contextreset