How to use Chatito


I am learning Rasa now. I just want to know how to use Chatito. Could anyone please help me.


Hello @ramyaps!

What would be your question regarding the use of Chatito?

On the Chatito’s page on GitHub there is documentation that can help you to clear up some doubts.

If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask :smiley:

Hi @ramyaps. I would recommend considering Rasa X, which allows you to capture and collect training data from real conversations. Learning from real conversations is more important than designing hypothetical ones and not all data is useful as training data.

When it comes to generating data, humans subconsciously tend to keep specific patterns in the examples they generate. Data augmentation approaches to generating training data, like Chatito, suffer from many of the same issues, especially when it comes to creating a representative distribution.