Automated Training in RASA

Hello everyone this is my first input to the RASA community forum.I was looking at the RASA docs and wanted to know if there is any way we can automate our training data rather than writing it manually in the file. Any help will be appreciated.

Hey there,

Rasa X could be an interesting tool for you. Rasa X

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Hey @TristanAppDev.Thanks for replying.I think you’re talking about changing training data in RASA X user interface only right but there also we have to provide the training sentence for a particular intent manually only.Am I right? I am asking for anything which can autogenerate our training examples without manually writing sentences for every intent.Is there any way we could do that.


Hey @eashan_27,

if you want to autogenerate NLU data you can try tools like Chatette or Chatito.

But keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity. Take a look at 10 Best Practices For Designing NLU Data.

I hope this is helpful.

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@eashan_27 was it helpful?

Hey @TristanAppDev thanks for your reply i saw chatito and chatette but found that in that also we would have to provide the variations in data manually only right?

You will always have to provide something manually in order to get “good” results. Chatito and Chatette are creating NLU data variations for you but you should always check what has been created. To conclude there is no “easy” or “fully automated” way afaik.