NLU Training data generators like chatito

I wonder what you folks from rasa think about training data generators like Chatito. I know it doesn’t replace real conversations, but do you think they can improve NLU performance? Or do the ML models learn these abstractions anyway?

Hello @Vale_Boca,

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Yes, they improve your NLU performance, especially at the beginning when building the MVP.

At RASA channel on YouTube, you’ll find a series called Masters class, there they even suggest the use of this type of resource to improve your bot.


Thanks, Leonardo.

I did read the Masterclass, but did not encounter that part. Could you be more precise about where to find that passage on website or in the videos?


man, I let the master class playing here in background but I wasn’t able to pinpoint the part.

But I swear that they mention there (or at least mentioned), because I got to know Chatito from there.

I’ll try to watch latter with more attention.