How to do i utterence genrator using this rasa?

Hi Team, I have a requirement to generate multiple sentences of the same meaning and test with that message. here I will give one sentence using that sentence I need to generate multiple sentences .is there any possibility of using this rasa? can you please help me to resolve this issue.

thank you in advance!

Regards, Yamuna A

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Hi @Spartansust,

welcome to the Rasa community! Can you please given an example? Do you mean something like Chatito ? We usually recommend to not use these tools since they can lead to overfitting. It’s best to share your AI assistant with a couple of testers to get some more training data. Rasa X can then help you annotating new training data quickly.

Cheers, Tobi

yes its same thing like chatette. but there we need give some pattern but i need to generate multiple sentences without giving any pattern. i will give one sample example. EX: i will give give the sentence like "what’s your return policy?"and automatically produces query variants like “information about your return policy”, “tell me about your return policy”, “I want to know about your return policy”, and so on. if you have any idea please give me idea.

thank in advance!

We are running some experiments in our research team, but unfortunately I don’t know of any solution which is already out there. I would still recommend to share the bot with real users. Using Rasa X you can collect and annotate training data then super easily.