How to set same question but diffrent answer in rasa chatbot

in my bot we want to diffrent answer where question is same… for example:

1 user input ---- USA bot answer ---- xyz in USA user input — i want scholarship. bot answer – “URL1”

2.user input — australia bot answer – xyz in australia user input — i want scholarship. bot answer — “URL2”

here i want to URL2 is diffrent from URL1… i train all stroies… but every time i get same result in URL1 and URL2…

any suggestion please…


hey @dipenpatel235 did you add variations to your response in the template, you can check this

Hi @dipenpatel235

I got the impression that you want to execute an utterance based on a certain information (e.g. USA or Australia) in the user utterance.

You could either:

  • Create a CustomAction here and parse the input for a location entity - returning the utterance then based on the entity
  • Create a FormAction with one slot which’s utterance depends on the value set and then utter in submit

If you need help with it, feel free to ask.