Auto Generative Chatbot using Rasa

How to create auto generative chatbot using Rasa?

Suppose I have created one chatbot. Using similar intents, I want to create another chatbot where answers will be different, but we will be able to access both the chatbots from a single link. How to do that?


How different will the answers be? If the difference require to create new stories, it will just not be possible to do what you want. If the answer structure is basically the same, just with different texts (e.g. “Hello” insteaf of “Good day”) you can set a slot in the beginning of the session and use only custom actions for answers. Each action will refer to one intent for example, but will pick the answer depending on the slot or something comparable.

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@harloc The stories will be exactly same. Just different text or URL.

Can you please share any documentation for this?

There is no documentated example for this. You should check out custom actions and slots in the Rasa docs, but from there you have to make it on your own.

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you have conditional response as an experimental feature. if that’s what you are looking for

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