How to set different slots of same intent

i want to set two slots with same intent, slot date1 and slot date2 , how to that ?

hi so to give more details to the issue, i want the bot to accept date1 then accept date2 from the user, what i did is use two different intents date1 and date2 with similar examples, the bot is confuseing betwen them , if i use the same intent then how can i set the slots , how to fill the same entity twice in the same story without eraising the previous filled one ? please help !

Hi, this sounds more like a problem with entities, not intents. What extractor are you using to extract the entities? Could you share how you’ve defined the entities?

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@rahma can you explain with example?

If I understand right what you explaining then:

##intent: flight
 - address of [Alex](name)
 - address of [Developer](position)

Create more sets of variation and probably a lookup table, It will helpful to you alot.

Try add in a different lookup files for both name and position entities

Hope this will helps you! Good Luck!