Some question about slot filling

sometimes,we need to define the name of entity by using a generalization concept,because growth in number of entities result in the worse performance of our entity extract model.

for example,entity name:phone number,there is a sentence A which include serval phone namber:a,b.

  • sometimes,we need a and b to do the same thing like “can you help me searching the balance of a and b”----------that’s single intent.

for single intent,question:we can’t use the way match by the name of slot and entity,because,this way result in one of them is covered.Maybe we can use type:list

  • sometimes,we need a and b to do different things like “can you help me searching the balance of a and canceling the phone number b”------------that’s multiple intent

for multiple intent,question:the entity extractor extract phone number entity:a,b.How can we fill a and b into the correct slot which match different intent

(the memory of slot)I have the other question about slot :user has already filled some slot of topic A,suddently he switches to the topic B.then he finshed the topic B and got back to he wants to finsh topic A,whether the bot (implemented by using rasa) ask user to fill the slot he has filled.

:smile:thanks for read, somebody can help me?

I’m not sure I understand, could you post a simple example conversation of what you want to do?

i’m sorry,that’s the situation i think of.I haven’t had a specific conversation yet.I will try to describe it.

now,there is sentence S whose intent is a multiple intent: A+B.intent A and Intent B both have a slot :phone number but the value of slot is different (such as a and b). we can get the entity:phone number(value :a,b) by using the entity extractor.However how do we know the value a is corresponds to intent A,and value b corresponds to intent B. (out of order)

I think it’s better to have a specific example before creating a conversation. So if this isn’t an issue you’re encountering with your current implementaiton, I wouldn’t worry about it to much.

what you’re describing though can be handled with stories. just have one story with intent A and a slot for that, and one with intent B with a story for that. You can set the slot in a custom action if you don’t want the entity phone to be set automatically