Two slots of same entity type

(Digvijay Patil) #1

I am facing a problem regarding slot filling. For example: I am building a travel bot and I have two intents: inform_source_city and inform_destination_city. During training I am required to input 2 different cities for each intents. This also means I have two slots to fill source_city and destination_city which will require similar types of input. When I input London for inform_source_city, the entity recognition fails to detect London as a source_city and it rather displays [London] (destination_city). The intent recognition is correct but however I am forced to change the slot to [London] (source_city). What is the procedure to differentiate two slots with same type of input as different inputs. My prefered order is to input source and then destination.

(Digvijay Patil) #2

@akelad A little help?