How to set a Tracker Store in the Manual Rasa X Installation

How to set a Tracker Store in the Manual Rasa X Installation?

Hi @vapdev,
I am not sure whether I understood you correctly. But if you want to store all the conversations on your machine while running rasa locally - here is what you can do. Please keep in mind that I am completely unexperience and I gather all my informations here in the RASA Forum or online!

  1. Install sqlite3 (in my case, a conda envirnoment: conda install -c anaconda sqlite)
  2. create a database for the storage of the RASA conversations: sqlite3 rasa_conversations.db
  3. add the following code to the endpoint.yml:
    type: SQL
    dialect: "sqlite"
    url: # (optional) host of the sql db
    db: "rasa_conversations.db"
    username: # username
    password: # password
    query: # optional dictionary to be added as a query string to the connection url
      driver: my-driver
  1. to start RASA using your SQL backend, add the --endpoints flag: rasa run --endpoints endpoints.yml

I hope that was helpful to you!
Ciao, Vio

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To set up a Tracker Store in a manual Rasa X installation, you need to follow these steps: Install a database that you want to use as your tracker store, such as PostgreSQL or MongoDB. In your credentials.yml file, add the following configuration for the tracker store: tracker_store: type: “” # e.g. “SQL” url: “” # e.g. “postgresql://localhost:5432/database_name” dialect: “” # e.g. “postgresql” Restart your Rasa X server for the changes to take effect.